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I moved my blog to

It has a new post as well.


Stats #14 – Gotta Stabilize campaigns 2 and 3…

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After having my stats slowly fall I looked into my campaigns and realized that I need to stabilize my second and third campaign before I continue. They are the sole reason why I’m losing so much money this past week. To change this downfall I’ve completely revamped my landing pages for all of my sites(even for campaign 1). So far I have good and bad news. The good news, campaign 2 and 3 are doing great now. The bad news is that campaign 1 plummeted for 2 days(sat and sunday). I’ve already reverted my first campaign to the original landing page and have left campaign 2’s landing page as is. Now that I’m turning a profit from all my campaigns I hope to turn my stats around. So yea… Landing pages do have a huge affect on leads as I have mentioned before.


I’m almost done designing and coding my blog. This is the first time I’ve ever made a wordpress theme. I didn’t want to design a sophisticated theme so I just stuck with a very basic layout. Now that I’m 80% done it feels really good to once again jump head first into the project and accomplishing something I’ve never done before. I’m actually pretty proud of myself at figuring it out on my own lol. Hopefully all the functions still work since I tried not messing with them. If all goes to plan my next post will be from my new blog. I still need to figure out a way to transfer my posts to my new blog(probably just have to repost them).


Not the best but hopefully the changes will take effect next week. Seeing these stats are really discouraging….  These stats are for aug 1 – 18.

Spent: $900.37(OW)
Gross: $1396.90
Net: $496.53

Impact of the landing page

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I made a post a long time ago regarding the results of tweaking a landing page. So far I have seen that changes, even small ones, can affect the outcome of a campaign. Today, I made drastic changes on three landing pages. two of them were completely revamped. The only thing remaining the same is the background color. These changes were made because of the suggestions from my affiliate manager. Since he has helped me increase my earnings I thought I would give his ideas a shot. Plus, they weren’t half bad either. Some of the landing pages were rushed anyways so changing them helped quite a bit.

What have I been doing today?

As stated above, I worked on my landing pages. I completely really early so I just spent the rest of the day lounging around. It’s not about how long you work, but how much you get done. I felt like I got a lot done today so it’s time for a break lol. The results the new landing pages will bring won’t be available until I post my stats monday 🙂

Always listen to your affiliate manager

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Okay well not always 😉 Try to keep their ideas in mind at least. I’ve been through 3 AM’s on azoogle and 2 on copeac(AM as in affiliate manager… i sometimes use AM to say affiliate marketing). I have first hand experience with both good and bad affiliate managers. Some of them I have no idea how they even got the job and others just don’t understand AM from a beginners point of view. So far I love my current managers. My current AM helped me A BUNCH today. He just IMed me out of the blue and tossed out tips left and right. I will prob spend all night and tomorrow working on the changes he suggested. If you don’t have a good relationship with your AM, I suggest you start talking to him/her or request a new one. I wouldn’t say a manager is essential in affiliate marketing, but it will help your earnings more than you think.

What Have I Been Doing Today

I really haven’t done much in regards to affiliate marketing. Today is a day to relax I guess. I will however probably do some work tonight. I have to goto a BBQ thing today so I really don’t feel like working. I did however make a list of changes I needed to work on so this day wasn’t a total waste :p

School is Coming

Yes… school is arriving once again. So far my attitude with school is “bleh”. I think I don’t entirely like it because I’m not getting applicable knowledge that I can use on a day to day basis. For example, I’ll never need to know the MOLES of helium in a 102 g sample or why the cosine of pi is pi itself(is that even right? I don’t remember lol). UGHhhhh maybe this year will be better. I’m at a new school and I may actually learn stuff that I will use towards my career. I never took computer science at my old school so maybe I will like the upcoming year in school since I signed up for it. Who knows… I do know however that I will have less time to work on my affiliate stuff.

I will try to post more

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I’m gonna post more to see if that will increase the number of readers currently visiting my site. I read a post on which encouraged me to at least try to post once a day. Besides, I always wanted more daily readers and this may be the only way for that to work. It’s such a simple concept, but I never really found a reason to do it. Now that I have future plans for my blog, more readers = just what I needed. I’m not really sure how to structure my everyday posts, but they will proably be the same format day by day.

What have I been up to today?

I woke up today and immediately went to work on my second campaign. As I had mentioned, the previous campaign 2 consisted of a sub-niche of the offer I was promoting. To get more leads I have started a whole new campaign just tackling the niche itself directly. I have already uploaded the bulk of keywords I wanted to use and am just waiting for results. Will probably have it by the end of tomorrow actually.

Re-Learning PHP

I have also started to relearn php. Why relearn? I felt I needed to get back to basics on the language. When I first started learning I just jumped head first into using php to output data on my website. I only learned what I needed and left it as that. Now that I can see myself being a web developer as a future career(along with AM), I thought it would be necessary to relearn it. I’ve already got a book and started going through it by following the examples on my local php server. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get through the book. I’m not just stopping there, ruby and .NET is next. I will probably need to take a class for .NET though.

QuickUpdate on Stats

Yesterday was one of my worst days when it comes to AM. I had close to zero leads and lost quite a lot of money. Hopefully they will rebound, but if I keep having days like these my stats by the end of the month with be pathetic.

Stats #13 – Making the push to campaign 2

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I should really write my blog ideas down because I always forget what to talk about when I start writing. I’ve done a little reflecting these past few days and have really appreciated how far I’ve come. Although it is nice to see the results I’m getting, it’s also disheartening when I compare my stats to others. When I talk to my affiliate manager and he throws figures out like 100 leads a day, I just feel like any other noob. Yea, most people always say that you shouldn’t pay attention to what others are making, but it’s hard not to. In fact, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t even be working as hard as I am. Without them, I would have stopped long ago when I reached a few hundred a month. I never knew of the possibilities my earnings could become without some reference. Because I have seen the money potential behind AM I have been doing nothing but trying to play catch up. I already have some work scheduled to be finished by the end of next week. Hopefully it will get me a step closer to other AM’s that I always hear about.

Campaign 2:

A quick recap: I have three campaigns. my first campaign is stable and earning money. My second is unstable and earning money. My third is unstable and not making much money.

I have decided to make a huge push to get campaign 2 going. I already talked to my AM and he is in the works to bring back an offer that had worked for me last month, but was pulled. With that out of the way it’s time for me to expand my campaign. So far, the second campaign consists of keywords regarding a sub-niche of the offer. Technically, it really shouldn’t be run with the offers available at azoogle/copeac, but I have no choice since the sub-niche offer I initially started the campaign with ended 2 weeks after I started. I didn’t want to throw it away so I just switched out the offer.

So yea, this week I plan to just tackle the niche itself alongside the sub-niche. I will have 2 campaigns running this offer and I expect the campaign targeting the niche itself will be the stronger of the two(even though I spent months on the current sub-niche offer). Because of this, I hope to see another revenue stream of at least $500 more per month. I made around $450 with the sub niche alone so if my expectations come true I hope to earn waaay more. That was however with an offer that was pulled the beginning of this month. Hopefully my AM can bring it back ASAP. I’m already breaking even with my current campaign b/c the offers just don’t convert for me. Like I said before… the joys of affiliate marketing. : /


I’m not too happy with these stats. They are alright I guess. The slump is due to the fact that I’m throwing money at campaign 2 and it’s not producing splendid results. These stats are for Aug 1- 11. The 11th was last Saturday.

Spent: $521.77
Gross: $922.35
Net: $400.58

Still Chugging Along

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I’m still plucking away at my campaigns. I’m trying to get my third campaign going, but it’s not happening. It did show some light earlier, but slowly died down. I plan to just increase the bids next month, but will just keep it static for this month. I know for a fact I can get leads, but they’re just not coming through. Plus, the fact that there is not a lot of offers available for this niche is also very painful.


After a few days with MSN I can truly say that it is pretty good. I mean, sure the traffic volume sucks, but at least I’m getting conversions. Even if it’s 1 lead, it’s 1 lead I will never get if I never tried. If you get decent traffic with other search engines then I would say give msn a try. If you get pathetic traffic/clicks with other engines, then more than likely you will get 0 traffic/clicks from msn. Also, like I said before, MSN has a very slow interface. It can easily take you numerous hours just setting up all the adgroups depending on your campaign size. If you don’t think your time will be well spent working on msn campaigns then don’t do it. Also, I made the mistake of setting up all my adgroups without familiarizing myself with the system. To make it a long story short, I basically had to reenter the campaign because I screwed up. The only other way to fix it was to go into every ad group and change it(which would require a few page loads). Because that method would have taken ages, I just deleted and started over. ouch…

Also, MSN loves to screw with you be rejecting ads and keywords. Check out all the emails I got with the rejected content:


Campaign 2:

I seriously need to work on this AGAIN. the offer disappears so fast and it’s making me wanna cry. This is like the third time it has happened on an offer I liked. They stay up for a month and disappear. Ahh the joys of affiliate marketing.

Quitting Job 

Yep… I am officially quitting me job tomorrow.  No not because I am earning enough to sustain myself through AM, but because of school. I will be going to school in another city so no point in working anymore. I was only payed around $8 an hour working part time so that equals to about $200 a week. Yea pretty pathetic. What’s weird is that people have been working there for YEARS doing what I do. Then again they get payed slightly more at around $10-$13 an hour. Still pathetic, but yet again great for the type of work. Won’t get payed that much for being a cashier anywhere else(at least I don’t think so).

Stay tuned for monday when I post my stats again.