And the seeds are planted…

This looks familiar… oh yes now I remember. I started a blog long ago, but lost all motivation to update. Now however, I feel like I should begin anew. I’ve never been dedicated to much of anything in my life. Even with all the skills I have in web development, I’ve never really capitalized on it. I now have come to realize that there is no time to sit around and wait for success to come. Instead, If I ever want to be successful at anything in life, I have to pursue it. Blogging is a great way for me to not only stay dedicated, but to keep track of my web business or pursuits. Even though I’ve been working in the web business for well over year, I still feel as if I just started.

My first plan of attack is to lay out a game plan. Right now I’m looking to focus on affiliate marketing. It’s a very dynamic business with a very high learning curve. Even though it is among the hardest areas of pursuit, I feel being successful in this business is well worth the effort. My goal as of today is to earn atleast $100 a day from a single offer in affiliate marketing. This is a small goal, but goals are goals and I like to start small.

I’ve always dreamt of being successful in affiliate marketing and the rewards that came with it. Today is the day I start to make those dreams come true.


~ by masonchan on May 16, 2007.

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