Tech Skills that give you an advantage over other marketers

I would first like to say that you can be very successful without even knowing any of these skills. With that said, on with the skills I think are very useful in affiliate marketing(all web page based affiliate marketing anyway).


Now a lot of you may say, “Of course html/css is important”, but what you may not know is that many people in the business don’t know even the most basic understandings of html. Knowing your way around the syntax will help you make tweaks on your web page without having to contact a separate developer and possibly wasting money. HTML isn’t even a “programming” language so it’s much easier to learn than say C++. There is absolutely no reason why someone should not know their way around html/css.


PHP knowledge is the affiliate marketer’s katana. Although it isn’t a must learn, it can prove VERY useful in multiple aspects of the business. From improved tracking to keyword scripts, php can make any marketer more efficient at their job and allow for more automation. Some of the things I’ve used php for: content management system, content scraping, cloaking, tracking, scripts, etc. It may take some time to learn, but it is WELL WORTH the effort.


Everyone and their mother has heard of photoshop, but most probably don’t have a clue how to use it. I put photoshop in this list for various reasons. One being the fact that creating your own landing pages can save you an easy $100. What’s $100 anyways? Well, if you’rejust starting in affiliate marketing like me, $100 means valuable PPC traffic that can earn me more than $100.

With all three skills, you can design, code, and run the backend of a website. This means you will be able to make changes to your site while your competition is still waiting for changes to be made by other developers and designers. Don’t get me wrong, the know how and experience of senior marketers trumps tech knowledge anyday, but think of all the possibilities one can have with technical skills as well as the marketing experience. To me, the combination of tech and marketing skills are a dangerous combination and should be explored by all affiliate marketers.


~ by masonchan on May 18, 2007.

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