Stats #1

To stay true to the purpose of my blog, I will post my current stats from my campaign. So far, I’m only running 1 campaign with azoogle. I really want to focus on this until I get $100 a day from it, but I may also just start promoting another campaign along with my first(if I get bored lol). I’m looking at my azoogle stats and they are currently at

Spent: 112.58
ecpc: $0.63
Gross: $468.00

Profit: 355.42

It’s not the best stats, but it’s something! Affiliate marketing has always been tough for me and this is the best I have done so far. I really should only be showing my stats per end of month basis, but since I’m new, I think I’m going to post per week.


~ by masonchan on May 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stats #1”

  1. Nice dude, congrats. Do you mind me asking what niche this campaign was in, and are you direct linking to the campaign or do you have a landing page setup?

  2. nah I can’t say which niche it’s in, but I can tell you that I do use landing pages. I can’t direct link on adwords so why try? I’m gonna make a post soon about the effects of a landing page on my campaigns. I’ll prob post it along with my stats for the week.

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