Staying Motivated

I think all new comers to affiliate marketing have problems staying motivated. Whether it is because of lacking returns or mundane tasks, the lack of motivation will build until it consumes us. Looking back at my past work, I can distinctively see many instances where the lack of motivation has just made me stop altogether. So how do we battle this and prevent it from happening? Well, the answer is simple… don’t work on the same projects.

Atleast for me, working on the same project or campaign for long periods of time has always led to a lack of motivation in the long run. I have found that starting on a new project/campaign rejuvenates me and allows me to keep pushing forward without feeling like crap doing it. If you have a list of ideas to try, systematically following through each idea. That will keep you busy enough to not feel unmotivated at all.

Currently, I’m running one main campaign and have started a new campaign today. By tomorrow, the second project will run full force. By that time, I hope to test out new PPC engines on a third campaign. I already have this entire week planned out and I haven’t felt unmotivated yet… 🙂 The key is to just keep busy. Ever wonder why you are so full of motivation when you first start out? Because you are busy building whatever it is you are working on. Same thing applies when you already have things running. Keep busy at all times and you will see the rewards soon enough.


~ by masonchan on May 24, 2007.

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