Campaign 3 underway!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I have literally done nothing in the past 4 days. I was going to start promoting a new campaign to replace my zip and email submit experiments, but it has taken a lot of time to get it moving. I haven’t worked on my current campaigns because I have it in my mind to not work on anything until I get this third campaign running. I like things done in a certain order. yea.. I’m nuts.

Recap on the last few days:

I designed the landing page on thursday and coded it on friday which gave me no time to start a campaign because my AM was off work until monday. I need my AM because I wanted to discuss a few things with her before I started. So I had a blank landing page with nothing to promote until today, but guess what… today was my first day at work. Yes, in a previous post I mentioned I was offered a cashier job at an electronics store and I took it. This was no ordinary cashier job.. this job is waaaay different. This job entails many different responsibilities. My first day there was very hectic for me. I shadowed some cashier dude and he showed me how to work the cashier, do paperwork, do rebates, handle the bank/vault, calling up products, etc, etc, etc, Ahhhhhh *head explode*. Plus unlike the local best buy where you wear a best buy polo with some slacks, the dress code at this ginormous store is a full on suit short of a jacket. Working there was almost like working at an office. Anyways… I came back at 8 PM today and started working on my sites then.

Why this is not like my other 2 landing pages

This one acts more like an umbrella type landing page. It has multiple offers on one page. For some reason I designed a landing page with 3 sub sections. At first I wanted all three sub sections to be features of this one offer and have each one link to the main offer, but I changed my mind and decided to test the umbrella type landing page. This page will have offers to four different offers under the same niche. We’ll see how it goes.


I’m not going to make a post about my earnings today because I want to post earnings after a full week starting from sunday to saturday. so far, this month started on a friday so it doesn’t really count as a week yet. I hope to post my earnings on sunday or monday. If I haven’t been doing that earlier then I will try to change and stick to this plan. You will have to wait until then to see my week’s(plus 2 extra days) earnings. Remember, my goal is to beat my previous month’s stats.


~ by masonchan on June 5, 2007.

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