Campaign 2 Setback

Awwwww FUCK. My campaign 2 just went to the shit hole cause the offer I had been using was pulled 😦 luckily there are many more offers under the same niche, but none of them has shown to be a good replacement. I like to stay within .80 ecpc and these offers are turning out to be at .30-.50 which is HORRIBLE. Unless my campaign cpc is at .01-.05 I will not accept anything under .70-.80 ecpc.

I spent most of my free time today changing my landing page and working on my third campaign(which still hasn’t made any money). Hopefully I can fix this problem and go back to a stable income again. Right now it seems as if I’m steadily breaking even with my expenses. I had high hopes for this month, but if stuff like this keeps happening I may not even reach my goal of beating last month’s earnings. Then again it is only the 7th.


~ by masonchan on June 7, 2007.

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