Slow and steady

Although I don’t feel unmotivated, I’ve found that I have been working on my campaigns a lot less than the previous month. This could be due to a host of reasons. One of them being that I have been at work from 12-8 mon-fri this past week. The next couple of weeks should be different b/c I actually get days off work during the weekdays. I’ve never really noticed how tired I came home everyday until yesterday when I woke up not remembering going to sleep at all.

Long story short, I have neglected my campaigns!! 😦 I really want to work on them, I just need to go and do it. Today, I started refining my campaigns. raising, lowering, and deleting keywords. I also noticed that my keywords in my first campaign on adwords have dropped from good to poor quality. ugh.. more shit to deal with. I updated/changed that landing page and hopefully it will fix itself. If not, I may just register another domain and copy my campaign over to that one. I’m really starting to hate google.

My next update will probably be of my stats. I will also post some stuff I learned about landing pages from my experience using them(my short experience of 2 months lol). It will cover how a landing page can make or break your campaign and how I was able to increase my total leads from changes I made.

update on campaign 3 

Yea I’ve still gotten ZERO leads from this damn campaign. Then again I’ve also gotten only 3 clicks for the past week. FUCK ME. And I thought my 2 current campaigns were in pretty competitive markets LOL. To tell you how competitive this third campaign is… lets just say I have my CPC at $.70 and I still have seen no clicks. I quickly ran a keyword position estimator and it said I needed to be at $3 a click to even be on the front page. I just now ramped up the CPC to $1.20 to see if it will help and hopefully I will see some clicks so I can get some data. If not I will dish out $2-$3 CPC the next week.


~ by masonchan on June 10, 2007.

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