Stats #4 and Landing Pages

Landing Pages can help you get leads

Many people doing PPC marketing don’t use landing pages. Why? Because they don’t know how to design/code or don’t want to waste money paying for it. When I first started last month, I also believed landing pages were pointless. Why make one when the offer is ALSO a landing page? Well, this past week has really showed me the light. I mentioned earlier that campaign 2 has really raped me in the ass. My ecpc for that campaign dropped from $0.85 to $0.25 once azoogle pulled the offer. I didn’t understand WHY this was until I looked at my landing page. Then it hit me. My landing page was not geared towards the new offer I was trying to promote. Once I made the changes that correctly promoted the new offer, my ecpc rose to $.45. Yea still sucked, but it was a major improvement. Even though my old landing page still properly represented the new offer, I could target the page even more than I did for the new offer. So.. keep that in mind. Landing pages can make a difference!


This is the stats for the first week. I’m sad to say that my stats really blow. If anything, this month may simply be a break even month. I’ve learned even more this month and that’s all that counts I guess. Too much shit happened with campaign 2 that really screwed me. I’m STILL trying to recover. ugh.. the joys of affiliate marketing.

spent: $372.87
gross: $476.40
net: $103.53


~ by masonchan on June 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “Stats #4 and Landing Pages”

  1. Hey mason I’ve finally stumbled over here from WF to your blog.
    And I’ve gotta say that I’m very impressed with your success so far.

    Its also made me realize that I need to stop bitching about my day job since you seem to be pulling it off nicely aside from being exhausted (worth it though).

    Keep it up I’ll be sure to visit regularly.

  2. yea thanks! best of luck to you too.

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