Tweak or die

As some of you may know, affiliate marketing is a monster to master(especially for noobies). For me, affiliate marketing has really showed its hideous side in the past few days. Lately, I’ve been working on my failed campaign 2 and my newly started campaign 3. From the past few days alone I have done nothing but tweak my campaigns. Not only did I tweak my campaigns, but also my landing pages. For PPC campaigns I usually wait a month to collect data and make changes, but for landing pages, I wait no more than a day. I have seen countless times the impact a landing page can have on a campaign so waiting a day is more than enough time to see the positive or negative effects of it. Because of all this tweaking I think I have finally revived my campaign 2 and lifted off my campaign 3.

Update on Campaign 2

My campaign 2 has been nothing but trouble for me. It started out great for 2-3 weeks, but the offer was pulled and I’ve had a hard time replacing it with a suitable offer that converted for me. Finally, after a little over a week I think I have revived it. I tested over 4 different offers and have finally settled with one. Funny thing is, my initial test on this offer had also failed, but after some tweaking on my landing page I was able to make this offer convert. The ecpc slowly rose from .25 to .45 and today it is at $0.90!! I don’t want to say it is a success yet b/c it may just be a fluke. Who knows…

Campaign 3 Progress

As for campaign 3, I finally got my FIRST lead last night(which was also my biggest night in earnings.. around $50). I will be happy with one lead a day, but hopefully I will be able to push this to atleast 2-3 a day. This niche is soooo competitive that I almost gave up on it. Because I got that lead yesterday it has really inspired me to work on it. I’ve done nothing but add more keywords to my campaign today. I’ve stated before that my landing page for campaign 3 was to be an umbrella page with multiple offers under the same niche. Well… I’ve changed my mind and decided to make the subsections with various offers into subsections with features about a single offer. I like this more because it focuses on the offer more which hopefully translates into leads.

Final Words

Well that’s it… I know this blog isn’t too rich with information that other affiliate marketers could use, but this blog isn’t focused on that aspect. It’s supposed to showcase and log my experiences within this business. I thank those of you who read my blog because it keeps me going 🙂


~ by masonchan on June 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Tweak or die”

  1. Good post man. This blog actually is pretty rich with content.

    Being a noob aff. marketer, it very helpful to see your thought process through all of this. Its going to help me set up my guidelines for when I go 100% into AM

  2. 100% into AM? what are you doin now? 😮

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