Picking Your Offer

Ahhh yes… the infamous “How do I pick my offer for my campaign?” question. Well the simple answer is to just pick one and go. However, there are a list of things that I personally look at before the “pick and go” technique.

Payout per Lead:

Depending on the offer, I usually look for a decent payout pertaining to a niche’s competitiveness. For zip submits anything from $1.20-anything(I don’t really promote zips). For everything else, if the competition is low I will take anything from as low as $4 payout per lead. In order to make that work I need a $0.85 ecpc though. If the competition is high, anything from $7-anything is good. If the competition is super high then I usually look for stuff in the double digits. BUT… I generally don’t really care about payout as long a I can get a $0.70 – $0.85 ecpc.

Payout per Sale:

Since I’ve never really done anything with sales I will prob say anything that is $25 or up per sale.

How well is it doing?

Before I pick a specific niche I usually look into the performance across the network. You can get this info usually through your affiliate manager. just ask for the ecpc of the offer across the network. I will accept anything $0.70 ecpc or higher. Doing so will tell me how well it converts. If it doesn’t convert for them then it won’t convert for me(don’t let this step stop you though cause maybe everyone else sucks at promoting it).

Landing Page:

The next thing I look at is the offer landing page. If the design looks decent and modern, I usually am okay with it. If it looks like it was made 10 years ago then I will probably not give it a chance. If you are unsure what a “good” design looks like then goto google and search up “css gallery” and browse through those galleries. Of course the offer landing page will never look as good as those, but looking through those galleries will train you to notice elements that make up a good design.

Steps to Signup

I really havn’t been looking at this aspect until now. I was trying to figure out why my third campaign sucks so much and I think I figured it out. even though the third campaign meets all the requirements, the offer is a real hassle to sign up for. I quickly ran through the offer(not completing it all the way) to see how the sign up is like and it’s 5 pages long and requires a lot of personal info… wow okay there’s my prob there. Good thing I havn’t been getting a lot of ppc traffic yet. I think I’m going to exchange it with a different offer.

Once the offer reaches all of those requirements then I usually make my landing page and start promoting! That’s about it for choosing an offer. Now for the updates!

As I stated before, my campaign 2 has been doing well, but yesterday was at its all time low of zero leads LOL. I had a $0.90 ecpc for 2 days earlier which was awesome. Now I’m afraid those days were just flukes. Hopefully they weren’t and I will see some leads soon. I’ve lost well over $150 testing this campaign alone. In fact, I’m almost positive I’m in the negatives when comparing the cost of ppc with the earnings of this campaign.

Anyways, campaign 1 is doing okay and campaign 3 still sucks and has only gotten 1 lead so far. My ecpc for that campaign is currently at $0.45. Yea, 1 week and still that high with 1 lead b/c I barely get clicks.

happy reading and see you next time 🙂


~ by masonchan on June 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “Picking Your Offer”

  1. Hi, after years of various marketing projects and websites I am starting to get into affiliate marketing by article marketing, blogging, PPC, etc. I was wondering how and where you find your pay per lead offers. I have mostly promoted pay per sale offers and i’d like to promote some pay per lead offers too but I haven’t found many good ones, any ideas? Thanks! Have a great day.

  2. I mainly use azoogle so far. It’s good to run offers from multiple networks though.

  3. I mostly use AzoogleAds, but I’ve signed up with NeverBlueAds and Firelaead and am waiting to be approved. I also have accounts with Maxbounty, Copeac, and a few others, but I don’t use them.

  4. Thanks, i’ll check ’em out, I appreciate it.

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