stats #5 and updates

Sorry for the wait. I simply lost track of time. Been working on my second and third campaign a lot throughout this week. And now for the updates!

Campaign 2:

As I stated earlier, I’ve been working on the landing page for this campaign to boost leads and I think I have finally settled on a version I like. I’ve also switched the offer yet again(turns out my 2 successful days were a fluke) and moved them over to copeac. Initially, I didn’t want to move until I made a certain amount on a single network, but I threw that idea out the window once I found out none of the offers azoogle had for that niche worked for me. Copeac’s offer on the other hand has converted quite well with my traffic 🙂 We’ll see how it does throughout the week.

Campaign 3:

Campaign 3 has been a real challenge. One, it is in one of the most competitive niche’s on the market. two, I’m getting very little ppc traffic and therefore can’t get any info out of it. I was feeling like quiting on this niche until I looked in my stats again and it said I had another lead! Now I have 2! I’m still at $0.80 ecpc too. So far it has been 1 lead every other day(I haven’t really checked the past couple of days). I’ve also decided to reorganize the ppc campaign so I deleted all the adgroups a moment ago and will start over from scratch. I got most of the main ones reuploaded, but I still have a ways to go.

Should I start a new campaign?

I’m thinking about starting another campaign again. Not sure if this is a good idea since it will take time away from my current campaigns which still hasn’t reached their potential. I mean, I already have the niche category picked out, just need some thoughts. What do you guys think?


Yea I got contacts today. It took me FOREVER to get them on. My eyes hurt like a bitch now from me poking at it all day. I just took them out and it didn’t take nearly as long, but it was still scary to think that I may not be able to take em out. After putting them on I have realized that I have been missing out on the world. Everything is so much clearer now. I feel like just walking around outside with em on to stare at stuff. Yes, I did have glasses before, but I only wore them during class lol.


Still horrendous. Next week should be better now all the smoke has cleared from the destruction of campaign 2. These stats are only for June 1 – 16.

Spent: $544.19
Gross: $713.90
Net: $169.71


~ by masonchan on June 19, 2007.

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