Stats #6 and Updates

Sorry for not posting throughout the week, I didn’t feel like working on my campaigns so I just took a break. Now that I feel revitalized, I want to head AM straight on once again. So far, I’ve signed up for hydra media. That makes my AM network count to 4. Azoogle, copeac, maxbounty, and hydra. I’m expanding simply to get more offers. Hopefully hydra is as good as people say.

Campaign 2:

As some of you may know, my campaign 2 has been shitty these past few weeks. After finally finding an offer I liked, it was pulled once again. Because of that I just stopped the campaign. I was going to give up on it until I realized that I updated the landing page and that I needed to retest everything(well.. the offers that I liked anyways). I previously learned that different elements on a landing page can affect leads. Every time I make a drastic change on a landing page I try to retest it with the old offers. We’ll see how it goes.

Campaign 3:

My third campaign is a little tough. I mentioned that it was very competitive and it remains true. My ratio is pretty good so far at 1:3. I’ve gotten triple returns on my money spent. Too bad it’s only like 3 leads. I think I just need to up the bids and I will do fine.


Looks like I will beat the gross of my previous month.. not sure about the net. I hate failed campaigns 😦

Spent: $731.51
Gross: $971.70
Net: $240.19


~ by masonchan on June 25, 2007.

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