Balance is key

Balancing activities is key to good work habits and I’m learning that the hard way. Recently, I’ve discovered that I’m a very motivated person that requires a “buffer”. What do I mean by a buffer? Simply put… I need free time in between my activities. I like to get things done in segments and spread them out throughout the day. The longer I work the more buffer I need between each activity. Because I have a real job now, the rest of my time has been going to anything but AM. I work 8 hours a day and come home around 10PM… that doesn’t leave much time for me to work and still have my “buffer”. Yes I do work on my online stuff before and after work, but not as productively as if I had the full day to work on it.

Anyways, I need to work out a system that allows me to work and have a buffer time. To do this I will probably dedicate my off days to AM and nothing else. Lately, I’ve been doing anything but AM and I’m kicking myself for it. Summer is almost over and I need to make the most of it before I leave for college.

Speaking of college, I just went to orientation for transfer students on the 5th(left on the 4th). I got accepted to the University of Texas at Austin 🙂 That school is massive and has a good vibe to it. If anyone around campus wants to get together to talk AM stuff I’ll be more than happy to meet up with you. I’m currently registered as a comp sci major. I was totally unsure of my major until I gave it some thought this morning.

Although I don’t see myself coding programs for a living, I do see myself coding PHP web applications. I can’t believe I never considered this path to begin with. I actually discovered this career path on accident when surfing for jobs as a computer science major. A php job was listed and after searching “php”, I found many jobs for php programmers. Most of them have a requirement such as knowledge in html, css, db’s, graphic design, etc… I meet all of them!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I would love to do AM full time but it’s nice to have a stable job to fall back on if AM fails for me. Not to mention my parents will freak if I tell them I want to throw away the education they helped pay for to pursue moneys on the interwebs 😛


~ by masonchan on July 7, 2007.

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