Stats #8 How much do you like AM?

What makes a great marketer is their ability to push through any and all adversity. Making money online in the comfort of ones home is a dream for many. Although the opportunities are abundant within the realm of AM alone, many people don’t capitalize on this opportunity. If you goto any AM forum, there will always be new guys wanting to learn how to make mega bucks off what I and many others do. Unfortunately, many of these new guys often fail miserably. Why? AM is such a simple concept, why isn’t everyone succeeding at it? Simply put, they don’t like it enough.

There are people who love what they do and there are people who think they love what they do. The group who loves their job does it well no matter the outcome – good or bad. The group who think they like what they do are living a life of missed opportunities. These people have not found a profession that truly meets their interests. These are the people who don’t overcome adversity and will slowly disappear off into the void.

Where do I stand? Honestly, I love AM, but need a kick in the ass a few times to get going. This such kick in the ass came from my dad earlier this week. I was at this italian place eating breakfast with my parents when the issue of my future career was brought up. Of course they were asking about what profession I was looking into etc. Long story short I mentioned computer science/programming/web development and my dad basically disagreed with me. After some scuffle(we didn’t really have a full blown argument) I felt the need to succeed in AM more than ever. If I ever come into my own and become a true success, the feeling of “I told you so” would be greater than ever.

Sorry no real updates on my campaigns for this post. I will save that for later.

Stats July 1 – 7

Worked on my campaigns a little before the beginning of the month and so far so good.

Spent: $135.14
Gross: $283
Net: $147.86


~ by masonchan on July 10, 2007.

One Response to “Stats #8 How much do you like AM?”

  1. Sometimes I also need a kick in the butt to get moving! Looks like your campaigns are doing better..congrats!

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