A scary realization

After countless hours of work put into AM it finally feels as though I am gaining ground. It’s awesome that I’m making money off AM, but I have come to a scary realization. If I continue on the path I’m currently on, I will be on my own when it comes to paying for college. At the moment my tuition fee is mainly payed by loans and grants. If I report that I have earned $x amount of money for the year of 2007-2008, I may not get any grants or loans(not nearly as much anyway). Then again I may just be thinking too deep into this. Also, I have to keep in mind that my earnings may be far greater than I could ever get from loans or grants combined. I would love to be independent, but I don’t want to be worried about expenses if it comes to the point where I’m not doing as well in AM as I am now.

Enough with that.. time for some campaign updates!

Campaign 1:

I havn’t talked much about campaign 1 and there is a reason for that. Because it has been stable for such a long time there has not been a reason to make changes.. therefore no updates. I’ve talked to my affiliate manager recently and he suggested some changes which drastically improved this campaign by 100%. There’s still some stuff I can work on with this campaign, but it’s not my main focus atm.

Campaign 2:

As some of you may remember, this campaign has been causing some problems in the past few weeks. I’ve been working on changing this and turning it into a money maker. I’m slowly getting back into the groove with this campaign. It makes far less than campaign one, but has the potential to become something bigger. I would be happy if I’m able to make $40 a day off this offer.

Everything Else…

Campaign 3 and 4 are complete shit. The competition is just too great. I already deleted campaign 4 and I might do the same for 3. We shall see…

I hope to have stats by sunday night or monday morning. I know that’s all some of you care about đŸ˜›


~ by masonchan on July 14, 2007.

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