Stats #9 – Sometimes you just need to increase the bids

Here we are again with another update. Recently, I had discovered that a campaigns true potential may not be fully met if bids are not set correctly. I like to start my campaigns at a very low CPC to test the waters(a little backwards I know). If I see potential I just start expanding with the current CPC. Eventually, I just forget about the low cpc all together and move on. Well, while tweaking a campaign earlier this week I had remembered about this and increased the cpc on all the keywords by $0.10. Doing so dramatically helped the campaign. At first I thought it would equal out earnings vs cpc cost, but I actually earned a lot more than I have payed. There are so many things to tweak in a campaign. If you make changes that has a positive impact on your campaigns, you may end up sitting on an even bigger gold mine.


These are the stats for July 1 – 14th.

Spent: $323.97
Gross: $669.25
Net: $345.28


~ by masonchan on July 17, 2007.

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