Stats #10 – Ginormous Post

Since I have been posting really slacking on my post content I thought I would make a ginormous post today. Sorry for being late on the stats, but I have a reason for that(which I will explain below).


First, lets see how I decide which keywords to use/stay with. When I first start a campaign I like to just throw everything up to test. Any keywords that I think are relevant are used. Of course I don’t just shove all these keywords into the same ad group. I like to organize my ad groups per base keywords. Example:

ad group1: delicious apples

green delicious apples
blue delicious apples
red delicious apples

ad group2: yummy apples
green yummy apples
blue yummy apples
red yummy apples

You see? delicious and yummy are the base keywords. I do that to all the keywords and just test them. While testing I look for what converts.. or as I like to call them, “hooks”. If yummy apples converts and delicious apples doesn’t, then the term “yummy apples” is the hook. I then make sure I use this base keyword for any other keyword that it’s relevant with. Some people like to organize their keywords by using the adwords keyword grouper, but I like my method a little better. The google keyword grouper does save a lot of time though.

Promote my Blog:
Now that I’m finally getting settled into AM, I’m trying to promote my blog a lot more. It’s great to see people reading my blog and actually gain something from it. Whether it be AM knowledge or motivation, I will continue to write to help not only myself, but the readers.

To promote my blog I plan to comment on other blogs. I experimented with comments before and saw amazing results. I used to get a steady flow of 20+ readers when I commented regularly, but now that number has dropped to >10. I will post my blog stats along with my earnings starting next week.

Late Post:

I usually post around sunday or monday, but I had something really fucked up happen to me yesterday. A doctor recommended that I use an over the counter ear wax removal solution b/c I have really bad ear wax. I bought some yesterday and used it hoping it will help me… WRONG! I’m pretty sure the stuff does work, but I had no idea how to use it. The directions are very vague and don’t explain wtf you’re supposed to do after applying into the ear. Anyways, I made the problem worse and ended up sealing the entire ear hole up with ear wax. I could not hear from my right ear at all. I was pretty freaked out and depressed at the same time so I chose not to post :p yea.. I’m a pussy.

To top it off I had to goto the doc this morning to get it fixed. I’m not mad at the fact of going to the doc, but paying for it really hurt me. My health insurance ended a few days ago and even if I did have my old insurance I would have to drive a long ways just to get to the doc. Instead, I went to a local physician/doc and had to self pay which was around $140. Yea.. $100 for seeing the doc and $40 to get the ear wax out. I can’t wait to get health insurance from my school. If it costs me that much money to see the doc for a simple procedure, I don’t know how other uninsured people do it. I can’t wait to get the insurance provided by my school. /rant


These stats are for July 1 – 21. Am I happy about them? hell yea!

Spent: $583.25
Gross: $1104.25
Net: $521


~ by masonchan on July 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Stats #10 – Ginormous Post”

  1. Sorry to hear about your ear problem.

    Glad to see your campaign is doing better!

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