Stats #11 – I need to start pushing!

I need to start pushing! The foundation is set and I just need to push my campaigns harder. My goal is to always gain more money than the previous month(which I have been doing), but I really want to just explode this month. To do that I just need to increase my daily spending limit and expand to more SE’s. This is the time to do it because this will be the last month of summer. I already bought a laptop to prepare for school and affiliate marketing away from my desktop. Everything should be set.
Wisdom Teeth

Tomorrow(Aug 1st) is the day I get my wisdom teeth pulled out. Hopefully everything goes well and I have no complications. Because of this I will prob be out a few days from anything. I know I will be sleeping most of the day tomorrow and more than usual the day after. I really need to get some stuff done tonight to prepare for my absence the next few days.


This is for the month of July. Stats could be better, but meh… better than last month.

Spent: $976.06
Gross: $1790.05
Net: $813.99


~ by masonchan on August 1, 2007.

One Response to “Stats #11 – I need to start pushing!”

  1. Pretty decent results. What type of marketing do you do? SEO? PPC? I have been involved with seo based marketing for a little while but recently been playing with PPC and have make some pretty hefty and fast profits. Like within two weeks, invested $415 returned $1705

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