I got my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday(Aug 1st). The procedure itself was painless b/c I was knocked out, but the hours following were killer. My throat was on fire and the wounds from my extractions were all painfully throbbing. I don’t think the pain meds did much to ease the pain, but they did get me pretty relaxed. It was a narcotic so that was probably why heh. Anyways I can’t wait to pig out on a steak or something. Eating nothing but yogurt, applesauce, etc is not working for me. I’m constantly hungry!! Enough of that. Time to get to the juicy stuff… Affiliate Marketing!

No More New Campaigns

No more new campaigns for now. I’ve got my hands full with 3 and I don’t feel ready to move on. I’m glad I’ve pushed myself to start 3 campaigns, but there has got to be a point where I just stop making campaigns and start actually working on them. One campaign has 50,000 words while another only has 5,000…. yea a little lopsided. I might look into keyword tools to further help me get more terms. we’ll see.

What I have been working on 

So far all I’ve been doing is adding A LOT of keywords. keywords I should have added long ago but was too lazy to move forward with it. After adding keywords my next plan of attack is to expand to more search engines. I’ve been saying that for quite a few posts, but that’s my weakness so far. Moving 50,000 word campaigns is no small feat. If you guys got any tips it would help me a lot. So yea… that’s my next goal.

Hopefully my next post will be longer. Until next time! 🙂


~ by masonchan on August 4, 2007.

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