Stats #12 – So far so good

So far I am very pleased with my campaigns. I’m still working on my second and third campaign to bring it up to a level I’m pleased with, but that will take some time. I’ve already spent 3 hours straight today and yesterday adding new ad groups and I’m still seeing very little gains. Maybe I just need to increase my bids… who knows.

Stats are down and up

Stats lately have been very unpredictable. One day my ecpc is over $1 and the next it’s $0.50-$0.70. Then again this is affiliate marketing and it is to be expected. I’m just glad it doesn’t stay at $0.50 ecpc lol. Having over $1 ecpc is almost too damn good. I’ve seen stats of others and they are usually around $0.70. Some of the top earners are extremely banking from $0.40 alone. I seriously wonder how they are doing it and what they are promoting. Hopefully I will learn a few tricks in the next few months myself that will allow me to do that.


I initially started making money from adsense, but stopped due to lack of motivation and a lot of discouraging outcomes. Now, I hope to start up my adsense revenue by creating some content sites. It will give me time to rejuvenate from AM. I seriously need to take a break, but don’t want to lose my momentum. Getting back into adsense will definitely give me something new to work on while still gaining more money.

Blog stats

I said that I would post blog stats in an earlier post so here they are! I started with around 5-10 steady readers and now that I’ve started to post on forums and blogs more I’m getting much more traffic. Here are my pathetic stats..

blog stats #1

Bought new computer and ram

I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but I have bought a new laptop for school and AM. In fact this is my first laptop. I’ve always used desktops in the past… even for my first year of college. Now that I’ve made the switch I’m sure I will get more things done with the ability to work anywhere I want. No more roommates watching my back or bothering me while working on my campaigns ever again!

Some specs:

-windows vista
-AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology
-1 gig ram(2 gigs now)
-200gb HD
-DVD +- R drive
-15.4 inch screen

Here’s the official toshiba page for my laptop

Here’s the ram I bought to make it 2 gigs


This is for August 1-4 (wed – sat)

Spent: $182.16
Gross: $373.85
Net: $191.69


~ by masonchan on August 7, 2007.

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