Still building my empire…

Wow this has been a very busy week. All I have been doing is slowly expanding my campaigns. Either adding more adgroups or just simply duplicating them.


Yea you heard me. I’m working on duplicating my campaigns to MSN adcenter. I’ve heard great things from many people saying how much adcenter converts better than anything else. Time to put that line to the test! I do have to admit that I have used adcenter before and was not very impressed. Then again I only half assed it and barely got a few adgroups in. Now, I plan to get most if not all of my campaigns in adcenter. I can already tell I’m gonna hate it b/c their system is just waaaaay too slow. Not only is it only slow, it is also one of the most clumsy and feature lacking system I have ever seen. I mean… even the dynamic keyword insertion doesn’t have default text to replace the keyword if it’s too long. This is gonna drive me nuts, but the results better be damn worth it.


Like I have noted earlier, I wanted to try more of the third party ppc networks. So far I have tried Enhance for one of my AM offers and was not impressed. I only threw $50 at it so I didn’t lose too much money. Clicks came in FAST and if you’re not careful you could lose a lot of money. Out of the clicks I got, I would say 10% were valuable traffic. Out of that 10%, I would convert like 3% of that group. I averaged about 1 lead every $10(so I had like 4-5 leads total). Not very good. Although those stats do suck, I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the fact that I was able to get a lead at all! There’s a reason why most people only stick to the big 3 when it comes to AM. Enhance surprisingly has a very awesome system for adding campigns, adgroups, etc. There are many features that allow you to make campaign wide changes with only a few clicks. Load time is fantastic, but I do have to say that enhance doesn’t massive changes very well. If you try to make changes to a very massive campaign it may come up with errors and you will end up redoing those changes until it goes through. Other than that I like their system.

Shitty Stats

Well my stats have fallen by a lot. I blame it on praising them in my previous post. Every time I make some over the top comment on my great performing campaigns they fall shortly after. ugh… it’s been 2 days already and today has been the worst. My ecpc is like at $0.25 AHhhhhhhh!

Moving to an actual server!

I actually started this blog to keep track of my success and to inspire others. Because of that I really had no reason to put the blog on personal hosting. Now that I see more potential in my blog, I’ve decided to move my blog to it’s own hosting and domain. This won’t take place for quite some time however. I plan to use this as a learning experience with wordpress. Not only am I just going to move my blog, I’m going to design and code a template. This way I can finally have some input on wordpress designs and know a little more about the technologies that bring a blog to life. I haven’t even begun designing anything so it will take awhile before the big move happens.

That’s it for today. Happy reading!


~ by masonchan on August 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Still building my empire…”

  1. I’ll be interested in hearing more about your experience with MSN AdCenter. I am only using Google AdWords at the moment, and it seems to be getting less and less effective. It’s converting poorly compared with the first three months of the year.

  2. I hear ya. my quality score is forcing me to bid atleast $0.30. Not too bad, but worse than $0.10 lol.

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