Still Chugging Along

I’m still plucking away at my campaigns. I’m trying to get my third campaign going, but it’s not happening. It did show some light earlier, but slowly died down. I plan to just increase the bids next month, but will just keep it static for this month. I know for a fact I can get leads, but they’re just not coming through. Plus, the fact that there is not a lot of offers available for this niche is also very painful.


After a few days with MSN I can truly say that it is pretty good. I mean, sure the traffic volume sucks, but at least I’m getting conversions. Even if it’s 1 lead, it’s 1 lead I will never get if I never tried. If you get decent traffic with other search engines then I would say give msn a try. If you get pathetic traffic/clicks with other engines, then more than likely you will get 0 traffic/clicks from msn. Also, like I said before, MSN has a very slow interface. It can easily take you numerous hours just setting up all the adgroups depending on your campaign size. If you don’t think your time will be well spent working on msn campaigns then don’t do it. Also, I made the mistake of setting up all my adgroups without familiarizing myself with the system. To make it a long story short, I basically had to reenter the campaign because I screwed up. The only other way to fix it was to go into every ad group and change it(which would require a few page loads). Because that method would have taken ages, I just deleted and started over. ouch…

Also, MSN loves to screw with you be rejecting ads and keywords. Check out all the emails I got with the rejected content:


Campaign 2:

I seriously need to work on this AGAIN. the offer disappears so fast and it’s making me wanna cry. This is like the third time it has happened on an offer I liked. They stay up for a month and disappear. Ahh the joys of affiliate marketing.

Quitting Job 

Yep… I am officially quitting me job tomorrow.  No not because I am earning enough to sustain myself through AM, but because of school. I will be going to school in another city so no point in working anymore. I was only payed around $8 an hour working part time so that equals to about $200 a week. Yea pretty pathetic. What’s weird is that people have been working there for YEARS doing what I do. Then again they get payed slightly more at around $10-$13 an hour. Still pathetic, but yet again great for the type of work. Won’t get payed that much for being a cashier anywhere else(at least I don’t think so).

Stay tuned for monday when I post my stats again.


~ by masonchan on August 12, 2007.

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