Impact of the landing page

I made a post a long time ago regarding the results of tweaking a landing page. So far I have seen that changes, even small ones, can affect the outcome of a campaign. Today, I made drastic changes on three landing pages. two of them were completely revamped. The only thing remaining the same is the background color. These changes were made because of the suggestions from my affiliate manager. Since he has helped me increase my earnings I thought I would give his ideas a shot. Plus, they weren’t half bad either. Some of the landing pages were rushed anyways so changing them helped quite a bit.

What have I been doing today?

As stated above, I worked on my landing pages. I completely really early so I just spent the rest of the day lounging around. It’s not about how long you work, but how much you get done. I felt like I got a lot done today so it’s time for a break lol. The results the new landing pages will bring won’t be available until I post my stats monday 🙂


~ by masonchan on August 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “Impact of the landing page”

  1. Sweet..keep us posted.

  2. Are you going to leave ‘Just another WordPress blog’ there in the tagline?

    I will bookmark this site because I’m trying to learn more about affiliate marketing myself.

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    Be the man, stop working for him.

  3. well I plan to design a blog and put it on my own hosting soon.

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