Still building my empire…

•August 9, 2007 • 2 Comments

Wow this has been a very busy week. All I have been doing is slowly expanding my campaigns. Either adding more adgroups or just simply duplicating them.


Yea you heard me. I’m working on duplicating my campaigns to MSN adcenter. I’ve heard great things from many people saying how much adcenter converts better than anything else. Time to put that line to the test! I do have to admit that I have used adcenter before and was not very impressed. Then again I only half assed it and barely got a few adgroups in. Now, I plan to get most if not all of my campaigns in adcenter. I can already tell I’m gonna hate it b/c their system is just waaaaay too slow. Not only is it only slow, it is also one of the most clumsy and feature lacking system I have ever seen. I mean… even the dynamic keyword insertion doesn’t have default text to replace the keyword if it’s too long. This is gonna drive me nuts, but the results better be damn worth it.


Like I have noted earlier, I wanted to try more of the third party ppc networks. So far I have tried Enhance for one of my AM offers and was not impressed. I only threw $50 at it so I didn’t lose too much money. Clicks came in FAST and if you’re not careful you could lose a lot of money. Out of the clicks I got, I would say 10% were valuable traffic. Out of that 10%, I would convert like 3% of that group. I averaged about 1 lead every $10(so I had like 4-5 leads total). Not very good. Although those stats do suck, I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the fact that I was able to get a lead at all! There’s a reason why most people only stick to the big 3 when it comes to AM. Enhance surprisingly has a very awesome system for adding campigns, adgroups, etc. There are many features that allow you to make campaign wide changes with only a few clicks. Load time is fantastic, but I do have to say that enhance doesn’t massive changes very well. If you try to make changes to a very massive campaign it may come up with errors and you will end up redoing those changes until it goes through. Other than that I like their system.

Shitty Stats

Well my stats have fallen by a lot. I blame it on praising them in my previous post. Every time I make some over the top comment on my great performing campaigns they fall shortly after. ugh… it’s been 2 days already and today has been the worst. My ecpc is like at $0.25 AHhhhhhhh!

Moving to an actual server!

I actually started this blog to keep track of my success and to inspire others. Because of that I really had no reason to put the blog on personal hosting. Now that I see more potential in my blog, I’ve decided to move my blog to it’s own hosting and domain. This won’t take place for quite some time however. I plan to use this as a learning experience with wordpress. Not only am I just going to move my blog, I’m going to design and code a template. This way I can finally have some input on wordpress designs and know a little more about the technologies that bring a blog to life. I haven’t even begun designing anything so it will take awhile before the big move happens.

That’s it for today. Happy reading!


Stats #12 – So far so good

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So far I am very pleased with my campaigns. I’m still working on my second and third campaign to bring it up to a level I’m pleased with, but that will take some time. I’ve already spent 3 hours straight today and yesterday adding new ad groups and I’m still seeing very little gains. Maybe I just need to increase my bids… who knows.

Stats are down and up

Stats lately have been very unpredictable. One day my ecpc is over $1 and the next it’s $0.50-$0.70. Then again this is affiliate marketing and it is to be expected. I’m just glad it doesn’t stay at $0.50 ecpc lol. Having over $1 ecpc is almost too damn good. I’ve seen stats of others and they are usually around $0.70. Some of the top earners are extremely banking from $0.40 alone. I seriously wonder how they are doing it and what they are promoting. Hopefully I will learn a few tricks in the next few months myself that will allow me to do that.


I initially started making money from adsense, but stopped due to lack of motivation and a lot of discouraging outcomes. Now, I hope to start up my adsense revenue by creating some content sites. It will give me time to rejuvenate from AM. I seriously need to take a break, but don’t want to lose my momentum. Getting back into adsense will definitely give me something new to work on while still gaining more money.

Blog stats

I said that I would post blog stats in an earlier post so here they are! I started with around 5-10 steady readers and now that I’ve started to post on forums and blogs more I’m getting much more traffic. Here are my pathetic stats..

blog stats #1

Bought new computer and ram

I may have mentioned this in an earlier post, but I have bought a new laptop for school and AM. In fact this is my first laptop. I’ve always used desktops in the past… even for my first year of college. Now that I’ve made the switch I’m sure I will get more things done with the ability to work anywhere I want. No more roommates watching my back or bothering me while working on my campaigns ever again!

Some specs:

-windows vista
-AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology
-1 gig ram(2 gigs now)
-200gb HD
-DVD +- R drive
-15.4 inch screen

Here’s the official toshiba page for my laptop

Here’s the ram I bought to make it 2 gigs


This is for August 1-4 (wed – sat)

Spent: $182.16
Gross: $373.85
Net: $191.69


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I got my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday(Aug 1st). The procedure itself was painless b/c I was knocked out, but the hours following were killer. My throat was on fire and the wounds from my extractions were all painfully throbbing. I don’t think the pain meds did much to ease the pain, but they did get me pretty relaxed. It was a narcotic so that was probably why heh. Anyways I can’t wait to pig out on a steak or something. Eating nothing but yogurt, applesauce, etc is not working for me. I’m constantly hungry!! Enough of that. Time to get to the juicy stuff… Affiliate Marketing!

No More New Campaigns

No more new campaigns for now. I’ve got my hands full with 3 and I don’t feel ready to move on. I’m glad I’ve pushed myself to start 3 campaigns, but there has got to be a point where I just stop making campaigns and start actually working on them. One campaign has 50,000 words while another only has 5,000…. yea a little lopsided. I might look into keyword tools to further help me get more terms. we’ll see.

What I have been working on 

So far all I’ve been doing is adding A LOT of keywords. keywords I should have added long ago but was too lazy to move forward with it. After adding keywords my next plan of attack is to expand to more search engines. I’ve been saying that for quite a few posts, but that’s my weakness so far. Moving 50,000 word campaigns is no small feat. If you guys got any tips it would help me a lot. So yea… that’s my next goal.

Hopefully my next post will be longer. Until next time! 🙂

Stats #11 – I need to start pushing!

•August 1, 2007 • 1 Comment

I need to start pushing! The foundation is set and I just need to push my campaigns harder. My goal is to always gain more money than the previous month(which I have been doing), but I really want to just explode this month. To do that I just need to increase my daily spending limit and expand to more SE’s. This is the time to do it because this will be the last month of summer. I already bought a laptop to prepare for school and affiliate marketing away from my desktop. Everything should be set.
Wisdom Teeth

Tomorrow(Aug 1st) is the day I get my wisdom teeth pulled out. Hopefully everything goes well and I have no complications. Because of this I will prob be out a few days from anything. I know I will be sleeping most of the day tomorrow and more than usual the day after. I really need to get some stuff done tonight to prepare for my absence the next few days.


This is for the month of July. Stats could be better, but meh… better than last month.

Spent: $976.06
Gross: $1790.05
Net: $813.99

Stats #10 – Ginormous Post

•July 24, 2007 • 3 Comments

Since I have been posting really slacking on my post content I thought I would make a ginormous post today. Sorry for being late on the stats, but I have a reason for that(which I will explain below).


First, lets see how I decide which keywords to use/stay with. When I first start a campaign I like to just throw everything up to test. Any keywords that I think are relevant are used. Of course I don’t just shove all these keywords into the same ad group. I like to organize my ad groups per base keywords. Example:

ad group1: delicious apples

green delicious apples
blue delicious apples
red delicious apples

ad group2: yummy apples
green yummy apples
blue yummy apples
red yummy apples

You see? delicious and yummy are the base keywords. I do that to all the keywords and just test them. While testing I look for what converts.. or as I like to call them, “hooks”. If yummy apples converts and delicious apples doesn’t, then the term “yummy apples” is the hook. I then make sure I use this base keyword for any other keyword that it’s relevant with. Some people like to organize their keywords by using the adwords keyword grouper, but I like my method a little better. The google keyword grouper does save a lot of time though.

Promote my Blog:
Now that I’m finally getting settled into AM, I’m trying to promote my blog a lot more. It’s great to see people reading my blog and actually gain something from it. Whether it be AM knowledge or motivation, I will continue to write to help not only myself, but the readers.

To promote my blog I plan to comment on other blogs. I experimented with comments before and saw amazing results. I used to get a steady flow of 20+ readers when I commented regularly, but now that number has dropped to >10. I will post my blog stats along with my earnings starting next week.

Late Post:

I usually post around sunday or monday, but I had something really fucked up happen to me yesterday. A doctor recommended that I use an over the counter ear wax removal solution b/c I have really bad ear wax. I bought some yesterday and used it hoping it will help me… WRONG! I’m pretty sure the stuff does work, but I had no idea how to use it. The directions are very vague and don’t explain wtf you’re supposed to do after applying into the ear. Anyways, I made the problem worse and ended up sealing the entire ear hole up with ear wax. I could not hear from my right ear at all. I was pretty freaked out and depressed at the same time so I chose not to post :p yea.. I’m a pussy.

To top it off I had to goto the doc this morning to get it fixed. I’m not mad at the fact of going to the doc, but paying for it really hurt me. My health insurance ended a few days ago and even if I did have my old insurance I would have to drive a long ways just to get to the doc. Instead, I went to a local physician/doc and had to self pay which was around $140. Yea.. $100 for seeing the doc and $40 to get the ear wax out. I can’t wait to get health insurance from my school. If it costs me that much money to see the doc for a simple procedure, I don’t know how other uninsured people do it. I can’t wait to get the insurance provided by my school. /rant


These stats are for July 1 – 21. Am I happy about them? hell yea!

Spent: $583.25
Gross: $1104.25
Net: $521

I really need to expand…

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I really need to expand and vary my campaigns. I feel like most of my success is riding on one campaign and that has gotten me scared. I have 2 other campaigns which are doing alright, but not enough to be happy about. In fact, I only have 1 decent campaign and the rest are very unstable. One day I can earn $40+ a day, but the next it will be zero. I am however going to work on these campaigns until they are stable again. It sucks to have my campaigns like this, but it’s better than nothing. This is my focus for the next few weeks. To expand to multiple stable campaigns.

To even further expand on this point, I plan to start content sites with adsense to gain a different type of income stream. I initially started with adsense before AM so I am not a total noob. Hopefully it will work out for me because I have never successfully run a site with much luck using adsense. This won’t come until some time though.

Anyways, this is a very short update I know. Not much to talk about. cya until next time.

Stats #9 – Sometimes you just need to increase the bids

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Here we are again with another update. Recently, I had discovered that a campaigns true potential may not be fully met if bids are not set correctly. I like to start my campaigns at a very low CPC to test the waters(a little backwards I know). If I see potential I just start expanding with the current CPC. Eventually, I just forget about the low cpc all together and move on. Well, while tweaking a campaign earlier this week I had remembered about this and increased the cpc on all the keywords by $0.10. Doing so dramatically helped the campaign. At first I thought it would equal out earnings vs cpc cost, but I actually earned a lot more than I have payed. There are so many things to tweak in a campaign. If you make changes that has a positive impact on your campaigns, you may end up sitting on an even bigger gold mine.


These are the stats for July 1 – 14th.

Spent: $323.97
Gross: $669.25
Net: $345.28